Since the establishment of undergraduate major in 1958, the Earth Sciences of Lanzhou University has achieved a great success in teaching and research, along with the outstanding tradition: “team-work spirit, loyalty, communication skill and competence”. Tens of thousands of our graduates working in various orgnisations have earned widespread recognition for their hard working, competence and diligence.        

After the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 13th  National People's Congress,the national development strategies about “Promoting Green Development” and “Focusing on Solving Prominent Environmental Problems” have put forward new demands for the Earth Science education and studies. Given the "New Start" and "New Expectation", the School of Earth Sciences of Lanzhou University will closely follow the national strategies, focusing on comprehensive training and study of “natural resources and environmental geology”, providing talents for the national and international needs of “Developing Western Regions”and “One Belt and One Road”, proactively making contributions to the "natural resources development, utilization and protection".

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